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a. Guideline: The project will be constructed in strict conformance to the plans and specifications which have been examined and approved by the owner
b. Compliance: The project will be completed in strict compliance with au laws, ordinance, rules and regulations of the applicable government authorities.
c. Control: The agreement plans and specifications are intended to supplement each other. In case of conflict, the plans will control the specifications and the agreement provisions will control both.
d. Change Orders: As directed by the owner, construction lender, public body or inspector, any alteration or deviation from the specifications that involves extra cost {subcontract, labor, and materials) will be executed only upon the parties entering into a written change order. Expense incurred because of unusual or unanticipated conditions will be paid for by the owner. Full payment of a change order is due upon agreement and signing of the change order.
e. Allowances: If the agreement price includes allowances, and the cost of performing the work is greater or less than this allowance, then the agreement price will be adjusted accordingly.


a. labor and Material: Contractor will provide and pay for all labor and materials necessary to complete the project. Contractor is released from this obligation for expenses incurred when the owner is in arrears in making progress payments.
b. Permits: Contractor will obtain and pay for all required building permits and licenses.
c. Taxes, Assessments and Charges: Taxes, special assessments of all descriptions, and changes required by public bodies and utilities will be paid for by the owner.


a. Cancellation: Owner has an unconditional right to cancel the agreement without penalty or obligation until midnight of the third business day after the agreement was signed. Cancellation must be done in writing. Upon cancellation, any property traded in, any payments made under this agreement, and any negotiable instrument executed will be returned within 10 business days following receipt by the Contractor of cancellation notice.
b. Property Lines: Owner shall locate and point out property lines to the contractor. Contractor may, at his option, require the owner to provide a licensed land surveyor's map of the property.
c. Liens: Failure to pay persons supplying materials or services according to the terms of the agreement may result in the filing of mechanic's liens on the affected property. Owner has the right to ask the contractor for lien waivers from all persons supplying these materials or services. In the event any mechanics lien is filled through no fault of the owner, then the contractor agrees to take all steps necessary for the release and discharge of such lien.
d. Insurance: Owner will maintain property damage insurance at least equal to the agreement price.
e. Damage to project: Contractor will not be responsible for any damage caused by the owner, or other causes beyond the control of the Contractor. Owner will pay for any restoration work.


a. Delay: Contractor will be excused for any delay beyond his reasonable control. These delays may include, but are not limited to: Acts of God, labor disputes, inclement weather, acts of public authority, acts of the owner, supplies or supplier delay, or other unforeseen contingencies.
b. Right to Stop Work:. If any payment under the Agreement is not made when due, the Contractor may suspend work on the job until such time as all payments due have been made. Any failure to make payment is subject to a claim enforced against the property in accordance with the applicable lien laws.
c. Substitution of Materials: Contractor may substitute materials without notice to the owner in order to allow work to proceed, provided that the substituted materials are of no lesser quality than those listed in the specifications.
d. Salvage: All salvage resulting from work under this agreement is to be retained by the Contractor unless other agreements are contained in the written specifications.
e. Insurance: Contractor will maintain comprehensive public liability insurance.


a. Notice: Owner agrees to sign a Notice of Completion within 5 days after completion of the project. If project passes final inspection and the Owner does not sign the Notice, the Contractor may act as Owner's agent and sign the Notice.
b. Clean-up: Contractor is responsible for removing debris and surplus material from the property, and leaving the property in a neat and orderly condition.


a. Arbitration: Any controversy or claim arising out of this Agreement that cannot be resolved is subject to arbitration, with an arbitrator of mutual agreement, and all parties (including Owner, Contractor, Architect and Sub-Contractors) are bound to this arbitration. If any party does not appear at arbitration proceedings, the arbitrator is empowered to decide the controversy in accordance with whatever evidence is presented by the party(ies) that do participate.
b. Attorney Fees: If either party becomes involved in litigation arising out of this Agreement, the court shall award costs/expenses including attorney fees to the party justly entitled to them.
c. Limitations: No action related to this Project may be made by either party against the other more than 2 years after completion of work.


a. Notice: Any notice required to or permitted under this Agreement may be given by certified or registered mail at the address contained in the Agreement. ·
b. Prohibition of Assignment: Neither party may assign this agreement or payment due under this agreement without the written consent of the other party.
c. Qualifications: This document constitutes the entire agreement of the parties. No other agreements exist. This agreement can be modified only by written agreement signed by both parties.
d. Governance: This agreement shall be construed in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of the state in which the project is located.

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